IT Company
in Kutaisi

An IT company in Kutaisi is recruiting staff members: no experience is required!

We will officially employ our workers and pay their salaries from the first day

Over six months, we will teach you the necessary skills to make sure you can work as a programmer
The international IT company Unisens is opening an office in Kutaisi and will recruit employees with no experience in IT
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Who are we looking for?

We are looking for hardworking people who are willing to learn and meet the given challenges
Anyone who can think logically and analytically and those who have a technical mindset. We are looking for male and female job seekers with or without any work experience
You will learn and communicate in English at the company. All of our employees must be good in English
The main thing here is your desire to master the profession of a programmer and commit to it

Why work in the IT industry?

Choosing the IT industry as your career is a major strategic decision that can make your life better in the long term.
Once you have a profession, you can expect to work in your field until you retire. With this intellectual activity, you can work as long as you want
Working as a programmer, you will earn a salary that is significantly above the average in the country. You will be able to ensure that you and your family enjoy a good quality of life for years to come
The company’s services—software development—are in high demand and are becoming increasingly popular in the modern technological world. Become a professional with Unisens to make sure you will always have work. This industry also knows no seasons or COVID-19 lockdowns
High compensations
Lifetime job

Why choose Unisens?

Our clients are foreign companies from Ukraine, Europe, the US, and the Middle East. You are going to be part of an international community. You will dive into the global culture
International recognition
The office offers everything that is necessary for a comfortable workflow
Comfortable office
Our company is financially stable, as it is part of a large Ukrainian holding. You will never have to worry about whether or not you will get your salary on time
Financial stability
We welcome long-term cooperation. By investing in training, we build long-term relationships
Long-term cooperation
Our office is located in the central district of Kutaisi
Good location
We provide all of the necessary social benefits: official employment, vacations, and paid sick leave
Social benefits

Unisens in your city

We came to your city to give you the chance to achieve high living standards and to stay together with your family and friends

How it works

We respect hands-on experience, so all training is based on real tasks. Mini-groups consisting of 5–7 people have their remote mentors. Held in English, the training takes eight hours five days a week—this is your work from the first day
We will invite you for an interview and provide a test task for you to prove your willingness to learn and experience new things. There’s no nepotism; only your skills and abilities matter here
Our office is modern and comfortable. It has all of the necessary equipment for your work and delicious coffee. You focus on your work, while the company takes care of your comfort
Once your training is complete, you will proceed to work on real projects. Your salary increases, and your professional growth as an IT specialist begins

What profession will you enter into?

During their work, programmers use ready-made methods, approaches, and tools that make their work easier, and that’s what we want to teach you. Everyone can master the profession of a programmer.

There are already more than 30 million IT professionals in the world—and you can be one of them.

Software developers create computer systems using various programming languages. They can develop websites, mobile applications, bank management programs, etc.

Traditionally, they develop products in parts and then put them together.
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If you are ready, come join us!
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